Working towards a green Uganda with JEEP and Energi Nord

Fuel-based lighting is a costly and inefficient lighting option, and often consuming between 10 to15 per cent of annual income, forcing the poorest families to divert essential funds away from other critical needs such as children’s education, family health care and nutrition. Fuel-based lighting also induces significant environmental and social costs, contributing to increases in greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air pollution, impairing human health, jeopardizing safety, and limiting overall productivity.

It is for these reasons that Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP) partnered with Energy North a utility company from Denmark to implement the Lighting Africa project. The project aims at improving livelihood of people especially those living in off grid areas through provision of clean light from solar energy thus substituting the dangerous kerosene lamps as well as creating awareness about solar energy to off-grid communities.

As to date they have distributed more than 6,500 Little Sun solar lamps in off grid areas in Uganda. Lys i Afrika Project Manager Helle Pasgaard speaks about the impact Little Sun is having in off-grid communities in Uganda:

“People are using the lamp everywhere – in their homes, when they cook or read. Outside they use the Little Sun when they need to go to the toilet at night or check on their animals. Before they got the solar light, many people had to have dinner before it got dark just to avoid using kerosene lanterns, as the light was too expensive for them. People also tell me that their food no longer tastes like kerosene, and that the walls in their houses no longer get black from smoke from the lanterns. They are noticing that the air in their homes feels and smells cleaner. And parents are reporting that their children no longer get red eyes or eye-infections when they are doing their homework at night.”

About the Project Partners

 JEEP, Joint Energy and Environmental Projects, is our official Little Sun partner in Uganda. JEEP works for a green Uganda with an environmentally safe and clean habitat for future generations, combats environmental destruction and conserves natural resources.

Energi Nord is a Danish energy company. The project ‘Lys i Afrika’ (Light in Africa) provides a clean alternative to toxic and expensive fuel-based lighting like kerosene lanterns by partnering with Little Sun and JEEP.


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