The Yemen Lantern

Ancient Tradition Meets Solar Technology

This holiday season, Little Sun presents an unforgettable gift that supports artisans
in Yemen’s Old City of Sana’a, while giving the gift of light to off-grid communities.

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Yemen Made. Solar Powered. Heart Driven.

Handcrafted by silversmiths and artisans in the Old City of Sana’a, these lanterns combine carefully-sculpted brass, delicate fabrics, vibrant stones and light to create dazzling patterns. Our Little Sun Diamond solar lamps power each lantern with safe, clean renewable energy. Enjoy the soft, cheerful light of the lantern in your home or garden, while helping to bring income back into a creative industry that was halted by conflict in recent years.

Produced in partnership with warfair and the Yemen Journey.

Two designs are available. Zabid features locally-sourced agate stones. Sheba features a teardrop pattern with no stones.


Sheba $350 / Zabid $368 plus shipping and handling

The power of your purchase

For every Little Sun product you purchase, you are not only getting a premium solar product for yourself, but you also make the same product available to someone without access to electricity at a locally affordable price.

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