Little Sun 2020 | A Year in Pictures

December 2020

Dear Friends,

I’m not going to lie, it has been an awful year for the whole world, perhaps the most tumultuous year any of us can remember. Little Sun has taken the global health crisis, the movements for racial justice and the ongoing global environmental emergency as a call to do more, a moment to stretch ourselves as far as we can go to be of service. 

This year we ramped up deliveries of solar lamps across Afric. We improved the reach of health systems by equipping community health workers with solar phone charger. We launched a new portfolio of programs using solar energy for agriculture and small business development. 

Looking ahead, we are expanding our agriculture work by using solar-powered cold storage to prevent post-harvest waste, which is a huge food security issue across Africa. We hope to have prototypes of a small-scale wind turbine spinning early next year. Meanwhile, keep your eyes open for a completely unique guide to solar power launching next year, intended to raise consciousness about the need for an accelerated global transition to renewable energy.

Since I said I wasn’t going to lie, I thought I’d share with you a truth: all of this is made possible by you… you, the person taking an interest by flipping through our year in pictures and celebrating our progress; you, our partner in Africa whose credibility and trust with communities makes this whole thing work; you, our Little Sun staff who get up every day fighting for a better world; you, the person who gave someone else the gift of light by purchasing a lamp; you, the supporter who invested in Little Sun with a philanthropic donation so that we have the resources to make a difference. 

We know that the power of solar goes beyond our lamps. An accelerated energy transition is the key to a regenerative world, one which sees increased fairness, resilience, and well-being for all. Thank you for taking this journey with us, because we will only get further if we go together.

John Heller

Thank you to everyone who shares our enthusiasm for global togetherness, solar creativity and positive energy!