Little Sun’s global impact


Little Sun products distributed worldwide


Little Sun products distributed in regions without electricity


people with improved access to energy


African sales agents trained


extra study hours for school children living without electricity*


saved on energy expenses in off-grid households


tonnes of Co2 reduced


solar chargers delivered in areas without electricity


kerosene lanterns replaced


empowered health workers


as of December 2020
From all Little Sun Originals, Little Sun Diamonds, and Natural Lights distributed in off-grid areas since 2012.
Based on GOGLA, the Standardized Impact Calculator for the Off-grid Energy Sector. The calculations are based on the product lifespan.
* from Little Sun Foundation’s distributions to school children since 2018.
Based on SolarAid’s Impact Calculator.

Where Little Sun is Making an Impact

"Art helps us identify with one another and expands the notion of 'we' from the local to the global."

Olafur Eliasson

The future according to Little Sun


We envision a future in which the number of people without access to clean, sustainable energy will drop from 1.1 billion to zero. We believe passionately in energy access for all – improving health, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability – aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the UN.

Our Goals


Radically reducing 
CO2 emissions

Solar is the future! Not only will solar soon be the most efficient form of sustainable energy, it also makes sense in sun-drenched parts of the world such as Africa. Using kerosene for lighting releases 190 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. Little Sun is contributing to a tangible solution.


Giving a brighter future
to kids off-grid

We are committed to the power of education to change lives. Little Sun is working to provide more children with light to do their homework or read in the evenings, as well as energy for students to charge their mobile phones: the world’s most powerful tool for connectivity and information.

Making access to sustainable
energy universal

Access to clean energy parallels access to almost every major opportunity in life: access to jobs, security, reliable food production and better health. It transforms lives, economies and the planet. We support UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon´s Sustainable Energy for All initiative to ensure universal access to sustainable energy.

Making a safer world
for women and girls

Little Sun is passionate about the role we play in providing better personal safety to women and girls after dark, and we are working particularly hard to provide a greater impact on refugee camps. Access to light means a safer life and better healthcare for women and girls including reliable light for delivering babies at night.

Providing a clean alternative
to the kerosene lamp

We are working towards reducing the use of the kerosene lamp with our alternative to the indoor air pollution, burns and fires they cause, which the UNEP reports as causing 4.3 million deaths per year. Little Sun supplies light that is 10 times brighter, so it is far better for eye health too.

Making local economies
more sustainable

Little Sun will further strengthen communities from the inside by increasing our support for local economies, to drive greater change, create more opportunities and generate more income for those who deliver solar energy with us.

Little Sun, Big Impact