Little Sun Importer in Ethiopia: Demoz Belachew Bezie Company

In Ethiopia Little Sun is working with distributors Demoz Belachew Bezie Company, and they invite you to contact them if you are looking to purchase Little Sun lamps within the country. Their address is: Bole Sub City, Woreda 8, CMC Road (in front of Michael Church) Call them at: +251 939442766. Or reach them by email:

Little Sun began working in Ethiopia in 2012, initially collaborating with the NGO Plan International Ethiopia to distribute the first Little Sun Original lamps through Village Savings and Loan (VSLA) groups in the Hawassa region. The VSLAs are community groups that create access to finance for all members by communally managing funds. In this way people could save money to purchase Little Sun lamps, an investment that will save them 90% over a 2-year period once they switch from toxic fuel-based lighting to solar power.

Since 2014 Little Sun is working with Importer Demoz Belachew Bezie Company to build our social impact business and begin reaching a larger audience in Ethiopia.

Since 2015 Little Sun is participating in the Lighting Africa campaign for solar lighting and energy in Ethiopia, a World Bank project that aims to make solar energy tools available to a large audience in the country.