Solar Development PLC


Where to find us:

Sarbet Main Branch

Nefas Silk Lafto Sub City

Woreda-04 / House No. 1823 1st Floor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Inside DAMA TRADE Compound Close to Vatican Embassy

Tel:      +251-113-712-377

Fax:     +251-113-712-376



Little Sun began working in Ethiopia in 2012. Since 2016 Little Sun is working with Solar Development to build our social impact business and begin reaching a larger audience in Ethiopia. Solar Development is one of the leading solar companies in the country, established in 2008. The mission of the company is to provide clean and sustainable energy for 80% of the population currently living without access to electricity in Ethiopia. Since its establishment, the company has grown to a dedicated and efficient team of 18 people and 73 widely distributed outlets around the country.

Since 2015 Little Sun is participating in the Lighting Africa campaign for solar lighting and energy in Ethiopia, a World Bank project that aims to make solar energy tools available to a large audience in the country. Little Sun is also a major supplier of humanitarian lights to the NGO sector, partnering with UNHCR, IOM, Oxfam, Plan International and CARE to bring solar light to the most vulnerable communities in the country, refugees, school children and Internally Dispaced People and to train young entrepreneurs.

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